"Blue Prints"

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Blueprint No.01 , from the sixties ?
Windmill (14kb)
Blueprint No.03 , from the sixties ?
London double-decker bus (25kb)
Blueprint No.04 , from the sixties ?
Astronaut with ray generator (13kb)
(larger image, 32kb)
From behind (12kb)
  I found the "Blue Prints" on the Homepage of Huw Millington. He supposes they come from the late fifties or early sixties. The only clue are the used bricks, of which some are refered to as the "new slim bricks". Unfortunately I couldn't find the right pieces for his arms. Using the modern turntable he can't move his arms properly. The robot might be the easiest to date if he is compared with the science fiction comics or films of that time. So who has an appropriate archiv ? I think the London bus is a very interesting model (the little white bricks at the top should show the number 73 and at the bottom zeros or the letter O are used to resemble headlights. A nice tradition can be followed here with the models 313 (1971) and 384 (1973) .

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