Old models

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Model 313, from 1971,
Model 384 , from 1973/4,
London double-decker bus (16kb),
building instructions. (140kb)
Model 329, from 1968,
m390 Model 390, from 1975,
Cadillac from 1913,
Model 391, from 1975
Renault from 1926 (31kb)
picture2, picture3
Model 392, from 1975
Formula 1 (31kb)
Model 2556, from 1998
Formula 1 Ferarri (Shell promotion set)
picture2, picture3
Model 393, from 1976
Norton Commando Roadster 850 (10kb)
From the side (6kb)
394 Model 394, from 1976
Harley-Davidson FLH 1200
From the side
Model 395, from 1976
Rolls-Royce from 1909
picture2, picture3, page with details
Model 343, early 70s or shortly before
Railway ferry (14kb)
Model 344, from 1969
Legoland small house
Model 345, from 1969
Legoland Bungalow
Model 346, from 1969
Legoland house
Model 351, from 1974
Model 613, from 1974
Model 1562, from 1976
Lufthansa promotion Set "Vintage Aeroplane". (12kb)
Scans: Foto, drawing gif, drawing jpg.75/21/45
Model 691, from 1974
Elefant from Legoland in Sierksdorf
(by Neustadt near Lübeck in northern Germany on the site of what is now the Hansaland Park)
Around 1974, with a Duplo as body. (5kb)

Model 699, from 1977
( Foto Safari ) (16kb)
Model 650, from 1973
Other picture (Ldlite)
Model 656, from 1974
Model 697, from 1976
  Of course the wheels of the models 392 and 393 are wrong. Both should be the little red 9 tooth gear wheels, which I havn't found as LDraw parts yet. I used the modern counterparts for the Formel 1 racing car but I used the large old spoked wheels for the motor cycle, simply because they look so very much better although it could probably never be built that way.
The elefant might have never been sold as a building set. Mine was bought glued together. That may be the reason it survived for so long, as I never owned or saw a fotograf of it let alone a building instruction.
According to old pictures.
Alter Zug Train with sheep,
from an old broshure from around 1970 or earlier. (17kb)
Same scene from the side (20%)
Eis und Cola Ice and Cola man
from an old broshure from around 1970 or earlier. (8kb)
  These two models were taken from an old broshure, wich might have belonged to the old blue 4,5 volt motor (upper part two bricks high). The number 3142 can be read on one edge. I think I got my first Lego motor on christmas 1969. That would make this the oldest paper fragment I still have that I can date fairly well from my early Lego times.
In the blue lokomotive the battery case is placed on top of the motor, this way you don't need any wires. I didn't yet have the possabilty to build the forward-stop-backward lever you ought to see on the battery case just in front of the windows.
The achsle bricks of the train should be white and the wheels should have four studs just as they do on the ramp.

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