Running LTrax

Announced on Lugnet

See this pagefor files created with LTrax within minutes.

To be able to create similar pictures you will need besides the Ldrawpackage and related viewers:


1. From Tore Eriksson ltrax version 0.13 (basic installation)   
Feb-07th-2003  127k

best in ldraw\apps\ltrax


2. From Tore Erikssonltrax version 0.15 (exe file update only)   
Feb-21st-2003  44k

replace the ltrax.exe with this newer version


3. From Thomas Wölk more menues, ltrax assembly files and some *.dat files 
April-19th-2003  107k

keep the old in a safe place and let this zip file add andreplace some files in the ltrax folder

the folders in the subfolder 
should be put in the 
  ldraw\models\   or   ldraw\parts\ 

like this :
or like this :



Sorry this is still all dos without mouse support. Explore the menues and enjoy.Try the numeric key pad for some tracks. Ask if you need or want more info.Build more menu and assembly files and share.

... and if anybody wants to write some proper ldraw part files to replace the mockup files, by all means please do so.
have fun

tw 20030419