LEGO - Znap part mockups for Ldraw

I have build some ldraw mockup dat files of some Lego - Znap parts. I made these to be able to make some bridge models. Besides my wish to document some bridges I found on the web, I also wanted to supply some basic bridges for the LTrax project.

all pieces are mockups; 
- all pegs are simple boxes, 
- all beam ends are simplified, 
- some pieces have a simplified inner geometry

but all holes are in the correct places and all basic outer dimensions are exact enough to interact correctly with other Lego pieces and document a structure build of these Znap pieces. (example picture done with LdView, see other examples)

Piece Chart

Number  Peeron Description


File workname notes
32203 Znap Beam 7 3 Holes 32203.dat zb3.dat  
32204 Znap Beam 11 4 Holes 2 Bents 32204.dat za4.dat  
32205 Znap Beam 1/2 Circle Radius 2L 32205.dat zc3.dat  
32206 Znap Beam 9 5 Holes 4 Bents (Half-Octagon) 32206.dat za5.dat  
32208 Znap Beam 16 9 Holes 5 Bents 32208.dat za9.dat  
32213 Znap Grid 9 x 7 15 Holes 32213.dat z15.dat  
32214 Znap Beam 9 8 Holes Triangular 32214.dat za8.dat The little dent on the inside at the acute angle is missing.
32216 Znap Beam 16 14 Holes Curved 32216.dat z14.dat The curved part needs to be smoothed. This is why some inner edges are left missing. Also three details in the acute angle area are missing. Details.
32229 Znap Beam 16 7 Holes 32229.dat zb7.dat  
32230 Znap Beam 1/4 Circle Radius 8L 32230.dat zc2.dat Maybe more circle primitives should be used.
32242 Znap Beam ? 2 Holes 2 Bents 32242.dat za2.dat  
32246 Znap Beam  Curve 4 Holes small 32246.dat zc4.dat  
  I need numbers for these parts !
    See this table for possible open numbers within the number range LEGO used for Znap. I might not have all information on this though.  
322x1 Znap Beam 2 1/3, 1 Hole x339.dat zb1.dat  
322x2 Znap Connector 2-pegs, 1 Hole x336.dat zcon2.dat  The details are missing. 
Version using Tore's studz file: 
322x3 Znap Connector 4-pegs, with Square Center x337.dat zcon4.dat The details are missing. 
Version using Tore's studz file: 

Zip-file including all files
  Pieces to be done        
32218 Znap Beam Double Curve 4 Holes     z04.dat (I haven't got a clue of the center points for the arcs)
322xx Znap Connector 2-pegs w/ 2 counterroating pegs     zconm.dat This piece needs to be done for some bridge designs. Might be the next piece I'll do.
32207 Znap Connector Offset Pegholes     zcona.dat  
32221 Znap Connector 4 Tall with Axlehole     zconp.dat  
32225 Znap Grid Motor Holder     zmh.dat  
32219 Znap Wheel 32mm        
322xx Znap Large Wheel (68mm)        
322xx Znap Wheel 69mm Half        


the naming system I used while making uses these:


I would also like to have some feedback on the naming of the subparts. So far I used these names:

zpeghole.dat  -  peghole Technic peg hole file used
zendph.dat  -  endpiece next a peghole This sub part can be easily replaced by a higher detailed one when this is made.
zbtwph.dat  -  between pegholes (inner parts) The wall dimensions were taken from technic pieces to make use of the 1-4cyli.dat and 1-4edge.dat primitives.
zbtwph2.dat  -  with variations Half of zbtwph to connect to zbtwph3b/c or zbtwphst.
zbtwph3c.dat  - 

- "-

This piece and the next piece use a wrong angle, this needs to be corrected. Piece zbtwph3c and zbtwph2 must be combined for this sub part. The curve edges of zbtwph3b could be written directly to the piece file, making one of the two versions obsolete. Details
zbtwph3b.dat  - 

- " -

This piece and the preceding piece use a wrong angle, this needs to be corrected.
zbtwphst.dat This piece seems to cause some trouble in LdView. Maybe there is a problem with how they are used in piece 32206.

As these sub parts are used by more than one piece I don't think a numbers only system would be correct.



Ok - here are some examples


To Do List

  1. Solve the "wrong angle" problem with subparts zbtwph3b and zbtwph3c.
  2. Redo the curve of piece 32216 and add the missing lines. 
  3. Smooth curves where needed and replace with primitives where possible.

    - The next would change the "simple mocup" style to normal "unofficial piece" detail level.
  4. Do the details of  connectors zcon2 and zcon4
  5. Redo subpart zendph with all details.
  6. Add the details near the acute angle of pieces 32216 and 32214.

    - This would make the pieces fit for the parts tracker
  7. Delete all rotation commands left for editing. 
  8. Delete unneeded comments and inline fragments left for editing.
  9. Add type 5 lines and do BFC.

    - If I have enough time and nobody else volunteers I might go on from here.
  10. Make pieces zconm and 32218.

Maybe some of the needed code is already done elsewhere, I would be happy to combine forces. If anybody wants to work on the pieces, by all means please do so and share the code. Anything done to get more Znap pieces on the parts tracker is appreciated. 
tw 20031002